Christmas Bowling CUP

10-16 DECEMBER 2018

Fanatic Bowling Christmas

The coolest Bowling Open of the year organised by Septimia Sport Club

Organiser Septimia Sport Club
Bowling Center Septimia Bowling, Odorheiu Secuiesc, Romania
Category OPEN

Cat. A: bowlers above an average bowling score of 170+ the bowlers from B-C-J categories.

Cat. B: bowlers below an average bowling score of 170

Cat. C: bowlers below an average bowling score of 140

Cat. J: bowlers under 18 years

Entry fee

Cat. A-B-C.: 90 RON

Cat. J: 50 RON

Re-entry fee

Cat. A-B-C.: 70 RON – depending on free positions

Cat. J.: 40 RON – depending on free positions

Desperado 60 RON  – depending on free positions
Handicap children under 14 year 16 pins / game
Handicap children between 14-18 year 8 pins / game
Handicap women 8 pins / game
Contact person Verzár Lóránt
Mobile phone +40 742 114 391
Telefon / Fax +40 266 217 770
Address Str. Orbán Balázs nr. 106, Odorheiu Secuiesc, jud. Harghita
Lanes 6 lanes, QubicaAMF SPL lane
Approach QubicaAMF Ultra Slide
Pinsetter QubicaAMF 90 XLi
Oil machine AMF HVO SUMMIT S-Series (6 pads machine)



11.00 12 positions
13.00 12 positions 12 positions 12 positions 12 positions 12 positions 12 positions
15.00 12 positions 12 positions 12 positions 12 positions 12 positions 12 positions
17.00 12 positions 12 positions 12 positions 12 positions 12 positions 12 positions
19.00 12 positions 12 positions 12 positions 12 positions 12 positions 12 positions
21.00 12 positions 12 positions 12 positions 12 positions 12 positions 12 positions




10.00: FINALS
Booking condition Filling the registration form
Number of re-entries Unlimited
Cancellation policy

Cancellation is possible by contacting the organisers at least 48 hours before the start of the competition.

The squad's positions can not be transmitted arbitrarily to another person. 

Registration deadline

Depending on free positions.



By filling the registration form or by contacting Septimia Bowling Center

on the telephone number: +40 742 114 391 

by e-mail: 

At registration the player specifies in which squads he/she wants to participate, depending on free positions available.

In this competition can register both amateur and professional players, with legitimation from the Federation in which they take part.

Bowlers above an average bowling score of 170 in the last two years can register only in category A, indifferent if they are legitimized or not. Bowlers under 170 registered score can register in category B. Bowlers under 140 registered score can register in category C.

The results of the bowlers registered in category B-C and Junior will be counted in the category A. rank as well. A junior is not automatically registered in category B-C, it will require a new signup and re-enrollment will be specified as to which category it wants to take into account the result.

A player is considered to be registered in the competition from the moment of paying the participation fee.

A squad is formed in the order of the registrations. In case of a squad being totally reserved players can register for the waiting list. (by telephone or e-mail)

In case of a registered player cancels the competition or he / she is not present 30 minutes before the competition starts, the next registered person on the waiting list gets the free position.

The squad's positions can not be transmitted arbitrarily to another person. 

Players' equipment must be decent.

The participants equipment: 

  • T-shirt, shirt or blouse
  • trousers or skirt for women
  • trousers for men (training pants are not allowed)

Players are forbidden to enter the lanes in the following cases (in the other case players can be shut out of the competition)

  • without bowling shoes, or in case of the shoes being dirty
  • with dirty equipment
  • in sleevless shirts
  • in T-shirts or any kinds of clothes having signs, tags which suggest sexual, racist, chauvinist, extremist content, or any kinds of objects suggesting the above

These rules are accepted by the WTBA Rules and Regulations valid from the date of  01.10.2011, and also completed with the special rules of the Septimia CHRISTMAS BOWLING CUP tournament, as it follows:

  • If equipment failure on a pair of lanes would delay the progress of a series longer than 30 minutes, the interrupted game and series shall be resumed from the point of interruption (with the already registered results on the respective lane) according to the decision of the tournament officials;
  • In case of damaging on purpose the lane installation or the furniture the player responsible for the damage receives a warning and the result of his / her next frame will be 0 (zero).
  • If the mistakes happens again the player in charge will be removed from the game.
  • The application of any foreign substance on the bottom of the bowling shoes is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to talcum powder, pumice and resin on shoes, and/or soft rubber soles or heels that rub off on the approach.
  • The application of any cleaning substance containing alcohol on the bowling balls is prohibited. It is also prohibited to use towels, napkins soaked in substances. In case of not respecting the above mentioned rules the responsible players result will be zero in the respective game.
  • For any kind of complaint concerning the game, caused by the technical equipment of the center or complaints concerning the behaviour of other players, the injured players must address to the tournament officials, the only ones who have the right to make a decision concerning the game.
  • After the players are randomly drawn into lanes and a player refuses to play the entry fee (or re-entry fee if that is the case) is not going to be returned to he / she.
  • Players who were disqualified because of their own fault (violation of the general playing rules) are not allowed to request the returning of the participation fee.
  • Players are strictly prohibited to appear on the lanes under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any substances, to swear or use offensive words, or to use physical or verbal violence (in the other case players can be disqualified).
  • Consuming alcohol or smoking in the playing area is prohibited.


This competition being an amateur tournament players' must take responsibility for their health condition during their participation in the tournament.

With registering in this competition every participant declares on their own responsibility that he/she is apt for this competition physically and mentally also. Every participant declares that he/she knows and accepts the rules and regulations of this competition.

Squads are organised everyday (starting from Monday to Saturday), in every qualification squad will play 12 players but at least four players depending on registration.

Entry: 4 games / squad

Re-entry: 4 games / squad

One or two players are going to play on a lane in cross; after every 2 games players will move two lanes on the right.

Lane assignements will be done after lane draws. Lane draws will be done by the organisers in the presence of the players.

10 minutes / lane will be available for warming up, irrespectively of the number of players. Starting a game without the permission of the tournament official is prohibited.

Results are registered per game. A squad is composed of six games.

A player's final score is the result of his / her highest squad, the rankings will be established after the qualification based on the above mentioned results. 

Players can register in as many squads as they wish during the allocated time.

One entry and an unlimited number of re-entries are permitted.

Players who did not qualify in the quarter finals and have participated in one of the qualifying squads, have the possibility to to reserve their place in the Desperado category.


For the Desperado players can register depending on free periods and after paying the Desperado fee.

Every player will play a single game of 10 frames.

2 players with the best results will reserve their position in the quarter finals.

Before the Desperado won't be fresh oil.