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20 Sep

Autumn Bowling League - a real adventure!

Autumn Bowling League - a real adventure!

We guarantee that you will have part of emotional encouragement in a friendly atmosphere with exceptional competitors!

Bowling League is a bowling tournament dedicated for amateur teams. The competition will last during several weeks starting from the 26th September 2017, ending at 8th November 2017.

Enter the competition with a team of 3 players and 2 reserves until 25th October, sign up by e-mail at or by phone at 0742 114 391.

Entry fee: 200 RON / team

Alley fee / competition: 45 RON / hour / team.

You haven't participated in a bowling competition yet, but you feel like you would try it out?

We challenge you too! 

Get a cool team and leave your worries at home, the game will energize you!

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07 Jun



Finals of Romanian Bowling League 2016/2017 was organized at last weekend in Poiana Brașov, where the players of our Sport Club where representing our city. In Junior, Female and Male categories our club got many wonderful results. In Junior's category Verzár Tamás finished at 5th place and we are proud to announce that Soós Dóra is the champion og the year.

In the female category Soós Dóra and Karamán Ibolya where also competing in the finals. Soós Dóra reached the 3rd position and Karamán Ibolya became the best national female player of the year.

We are thankful to our trainer Karamán Géza who teached and supported us in every mather and we hope for his support in the following too.

In male category our players finished in the first 16. Karamán Géza reached the 11th position and Verzár Lóránt reached the 12th position.

We are proud of all our players hoping that this is just the start. The team will invest all their energy to improve the skills of Septimia Sport Club and the rename of our town Odorheiu Secuiesc.

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13 Aug

Friendly tournament with Hungarian Bowling Federation

Friendly tournament with Hungarian Bowling Federation

On 18th May 2017, the Hungarian National Federation of Bowling organized a friendly championship at Septimia, where the players of the Septimia Sports Club also participated.

After stunning matches Karamán Ibolya won the individual contest.

Final results of the friendly tournament:

I. Karamán Ibolya

II. Dienes László

III. Kacsó István

There were excellent results in this tournament, two athletes tried to reach the maximum points: Skobrics Zoltán 288 points, Dienes László 275 points.

Congratulations to all participants!

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11 Apr

Bowling - a sport full of distractions!

Bowling - a sport full of distractions!

Why bowling is the best sport activity for children?

- improves concentration power

- improves balance and coordination

- helps to increase muscle endurance

- it is easy to learn 

- great activity for the whole family

Join our Junior team and try yourself at national competitions too!

SPECIAL NEW SERVICE: we offer bowling courses for adults and children with qualified trainers!

Further information at (004) 0740 093 668 telephone number.

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08 Oct

Hotel Restaurant - program

Hotel Restaurant - program

Dear guests!

We would like to inform you that a la carte order in Hotel Restaurant is available only by booking in advance min. 2 hurs prior the arrival.

If you would like to reserve a table in the Hotel Restaurant please contact us at the hotel reception or at 0266 217 770 telephone number.

For hotel guests we serve breakfast in the Hotel Restaurant, for a la carte order we are waiting for our guests daily in the Station Restaurant.

For private events and for groups we stay at our guests disposal in the following too.

Thank you for understanding!

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