Fishing and hunting

Program offers

Organized tours with guides and instructions

Fishing adventures

In our area you will find the most abundant lakes and rivers, hosting fish species such as trout, meadows, carp and shawl.

Fishing methods:

  • Carp fishing
  • Fishing for the raptors
  • Fishing with artificial fly 

Fishing zones: lakes at Bezid, Rugănești, Oțeni, Zetea Barrage, rivers: Târnava Mare (Catch&Release), Izvoarele,  Șicasău.

Hunting experience

AVPS ,,Târnava Mare” Association organize individual and collective hunting parties in Transylvania as driven hunts, high-seat hunts, stalking or spot & stalk hunts.

Lurking-places at Harghita Mountains: you can admire wild animals and wonderful landscapes in well-equipped lurkingplaces where you can take some unique photos too.