Septimia Sports Club is promoting a healthy lifestyle which includes different sport activities for both amateur and professional sportsmen. The club has two professional bowling teams which participates in national competitions representing the town of Odorheiu Secuiesc. The club is supporting these teams in order to obtain better results every year and is also helping those who are willing to join the teams and have talent in bowling.

One of the main goals of the club is promoting bowling for children and adults and supporting the team which has practice and training two occassions a week with professional trainers. The most talented kids can join the professional team and participate in competition all over the country. Also the club provides the necessary equipment for professional training and practicing.

In our country the bowling game is new, not so familiar way of sport, despite this Septimia Sports Club has two professional bowling teams playing in the national league for four years. Their main goal is to get better results every year and to succeed qualifying in the A league. The club is also supporting those who would like to join the professional bowling team.

Septimia Sports Club is organizing sports and training camps for the teams and different local and national competitions.