Echipa de bowling

The professional bowling team of Septimia Sports Club has 19 members taking part in national teams and individual contests organized all over the country. In the last four years the team is participating in the national bowling league, in the B category, their performance is improving in every year. 

The team has training 2-3 times per week, after the individual results the best athletes can participate in the next contest. The bowling game has no age limit: seniors, men and women and even the youth can fully learn and play this special game. In order to progress even more the team occasionally participates at trainings held by the best players in the country.

Septimia Sports Club is always open, new members are expected to join the legitimized team.

Our players: Boldizsár Zalán, Grápa Levente, Réthi Hajnalka, Hatos Áron, Jakab Anna Mária, Kacsó István, Karamán Géza, Karamán Ibolya, Pál Zoltán, Péter Áron, Péter Szabolcs, Somorai Dénes, Soós Dóra, Szilveszter Levente, Tódor Lóránt, Verzár Krisztina, Verzár Lóránt, Verzár Tamás, Verzár Zsófia.